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June 2, 2018
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Getting a visa while travelling abroad is one of the most important and essential parts of planning your trip. All your vacation plans can come down crashing if you are denied a visa to the country you plan to take a trip to. While it can be quite stressful to get a visa to some countries on an Indian passport, there are many countries which provide visa on arrival to Indians. It works well for us that these are also some of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world! There is usually a time limit to how long you can stay in each country but the visa on arrival simplifies the whole process making it easier and faster.

1. Bhutan, Asia – Visa Free Entry For Indian Passpor

Bhutan is one of the beautiful countries that offer a visa free entry for Indian Passport. Visit the kingdom of Bhutan and explore its insuperable heights with visa on arrival. Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldives nationals can obtain a 14 days tourist visa at the port of entry on producing a valid Indian passport with a minimum of 6-month validity. Indian passport holders should definitely visit this nearest country and get stamped.

October to December is the best time to visit Bhutan. Avoid traveling from July to September as it tends to be very rainy.

Visa fees for Bhutan: Free for Indian citizens

2. Macau, Asia – 30 Days Visa on Arrival for Indians

Visit Macau, the ultimate destination for understanding the Chinese heritage. Being an Indian you can avail 30 days visa on arrival to enter this country.

October to December is the best time to visit Macau. This season also sees a footfall of visitors coming to celebrate festival like Christmas and New Year. It’s best to avoid the months of March, April and May given the high levels of humidity owing to the prevalent oceanic monsoon climate.

Visa fees for Macau: Free for Indian citizens

3. Nepal, Asia – Visa Free Entry for Indian Passport

Known for its pristine landscapes, Nepal, the neighborhood country of India, is one of the visa free countries for Indian passport. Indian citizens may live and work freely in Nepal under the terms of the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship.

The autumn season, from October to November is the best time to visit owing to pleasantly warm days and evenings that are characterized by a nip in the air. Definitely avoid visiting in from June to September as this season is prone to heavy rainfall and even landslides!

4. Seychelles, Africa – One month Visa for Indians

Visit this archipelago that is known for its beaches, coral reefs, diving, nature reserves and rare wildlife such as giant Aldabra tortoises. Indians can avail Visa on arrival for one month for this country.

Embrace the goodness of Vitamin Sea in the months of April, May, October and November, an ideal time to go island and beach hopping and of course indulging on a plethora of water sports.

Visa Fees For Seychelles: Free for Indian citizens

5. South Korea (only Jeju island), Asia – 30 days Visa for Indians

Jeju is a South Korean island in the Korea Strait that is known for its volcanic landscape full of craters and cave like lava tubesOnly this island in South Korea provides visa on arrival for 30 days to Indian nationals.

The island draws visitors all through the year, thus the best time to visit Jeju cannot be specifically determined. However, winters being the holiday season see a lot of festivities like Christmas and New Year in grand celebrations. Not to forget the beautiful panoramas of snow clad mountain tops!

Visa Fees For Jeju Island: Free for Indian citizens

6. Maldives, Asia – 90 Days Tourist Visa for Indians

Maldives is one of the closest beach destinations from India and is listed among the countries that have visa on arrival facility for Indians. Explore the underwater beauty and all the things to do in Maldives with visa on arrival facility. A free Maldives Tourist Visa which is valid for approximately 90 days is issued to Indian nationals on arriving at the airport in Maldives provided you have a passport with at least 6 months validity.

If you plan to visit this beautiful country, you must know that the best time to visit Maldives is from December through March. Avoid the time window from June to October as rains are persistent. However, if you don’t mind just staying indoors, then you can still go ahead with even the rainy season, that nevertheless promises incredible panoramas.

Fees required for obtaining visa on arrival: Free for Indian citizens

7. Haiti, North America – 30 Days Visa on Arrival for Indians

Visit Haiti, a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east. Indians can enter this country for 30 days with on arrival visa facility. Apply one month in advance before leaving for Haiti.

Since there are two rainy seasons prevalent in the country, the best time to visit Haiti is pretty specific, November to March. This is an ideal time to explore its forests and the outdoor opportunities it offers. Try avoiding the other months as the scope of leisure is very restrictive.

Visa fees for Haiti: USD 25

8. Jamaica, North America – No Visa for Indian Nationals

Jamaica is well known for its beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Indian nationals do not require a visa to visit Jamaica. This visa free facility for Indian passport holder attracts Indian tourists to visit Jamaican beaches every year.

The country experiences glorious weather from November to mid-December. Owing to this fact, the accommodations and air tickets are pretty expensive. The months of May, October and November receive rainfall and are also prone to hurricane, so avoid these months. Nevertheless, the jovial Jamaican vibe can be experienced at any given time!

9. Dominica, North America – 90 Days Visa for Indians

Discover the unspoilt beauty of Dominica, a tourist visa is not required for citizens of India for a stay of up to 90 days.

From February to April, this Caribbean country experiences dry weather with temperatures pleasantly warm, making this the best time to visit Dominica. The island is prone to hurricanes that usually take place during the monsoon season from June to November, thus avoid traveling to Dominica in this time frame. However, recent observations imply a decline in the number of hurricanes this island used to receive, nevertheless avoid if you are keen on outdoor activities.

10. Fiji, Oceania – 120 Days Visa for Indians

Visit Fiji, the ultimate destination for every beach bum. Fiji is one of the countries offering visa on arrival for Indians which is valid for 120 days.

The weather in Fiji is almost constant all through the year. However, from July to September the climate is nice and warm with a dry weather bestowing you with opportunities to bask in the glorious outdoors of the island.

Visa fees for Fiji: Free for Indian citizens

11. Thailand, Asia – Visa on Arrival at Entry for Indians

Today, you can also reach Thailand from India via road. Visa on Arrival has to be obtained at First point of Entry/Landing not the Final Destination. Thailand is also the honeymoon destination in Asia preferred by Indian couples looking for destinations outside India. You must also ensure funds of 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family for your stay in the country.

The best time to visit Thailand is November to February, owing to its reputation of being one of the world’s party capital. Additionally, the weather too is at its best.

12. Mauritius, Africa – 60 Days Visa for Indian Passport Holders

Visit the pristine beaches of Mauritius with Indian visa on arrival valid for 60 days for Indian passport holders.

Anytime between May and December is good time to visit this island, as it is then when the temperatures are pleasantly cool, offering a wide scope to indulge in activities outside. This is also a good time when the seafood is at its best, for all the foodies out there!

Visa fees for Mauritius: Free for Indian citizens

13. Indonesia, Asia – Only 30 Days Visa for Indians

This archipelago that houses several natural wonders can be visited with visa on arrival for Indian passport. It is valid for 30 days and cannot be extended. You may be asked to produce travel documents like accommodation booking or proof of finance at the time of entry to the country.

The best time to visit Indonesia is subjective to the part of the nation or the islands that you are visiting. From April to October the archipelago experiences dry weather, which is a great time to go as you can cover a wide scope of things to do in Indonesia during this time. Skip the months of November to March that are quite rainy.

Visa fees for Indonesia: Free for Indian citizens

14. Micronesia, Oceania – 30 Days Visa for Indians

You can visit this subregion of Oceania embellished with several islands with visa on arrival facility valid for 30 days, that may be extended up to 60 days.

The best time to visit Micronesia is from March to October, when the weather is dry and warm. However, the region experiences rainfall from November to May, this is when you must avoid coming here if you are an outdoor fanatic.

Visa fees for Micronesia: Free for Indian citizens

15. Cape Verde, Africa – 30 Days Visa on Arrival for Indians

Wonder at the beauty of this arrow shaped archipelago that can be entered by Indians with the facility of on arrival visa valid for 30 days.

The months from August to October are the best time to visit Cape Verde. From November to July the region tends to be severely dry, making it difficult to undertake any outdoors activity. Thus, it is best to avoid this season.

Visa fees for Cape Verde: 40 Euros

16. Ecuador, South America – 90 Days Valid Visa for Indians

Visit the diverse landscape of Ecuador  that encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galpagos Islands with visa on arrival facility for Indians valid for 90 days.

December to May, when it is summer all across the world, is unexpectedly the best time to visit Ecuador. Given the dry season and clear weather, you can enjoy lazing on the beaches and undertaking various water sports. Avoid the months of June to November as it’s overwhelmingly cold!

17. Guyana, South America – 30 Days Visa for Indians

Admire the beauty of the dense forests of Guyana with visa on arrival facility for Indians valid for 30 days. Note that you require a passport which is valid for at least 6 months. Those arriving by plane are required to have an onward journey ticket.

Guyana experience two distinct seasons, dry and rainy, given its proximity to the equator. The dry season, as it may sound, is not characteristically hot, however pretty dry maintaining pleasant temperatures, thus this can be the best time to visit Guyana. One must also know that the interiors and the coasts tend to have distinct climates, which you must take into account before planning your trip.

Visa fees for Guyana: USD 25 For one month

18. Jordan, Asia – 2 weeks Visa for Indian Passport

If the ancient monuments of Jordan captivate you, visit this historical country with visa on arrival facility for Indian passport holders valid for 2 weeks.

If you are looking for the best time to visit Jordan it is undoubtedly the months of March, April and May. This season sees the largest number of visitors owing to pleasantly warm days and cooler nights. It is best to avoid the summer season which is from June to August.

Visa fees for Jordan: US$ 30

19. Laos, Asia – 30 Days Visa for Indians

Visit the stunning backwaters of Laos with visa on arrival for Indian nationals valid for 30 days.

This quaint, tiny island receives a large footfall from the month of October to April, owing to the perfectly warm temperatures that bequeath visitors with a host of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. If you plan to take up the very popular river travel in the country, then visit during the span of November to January.

Visa fees for Laos: US$ 40

20. Saint Lucia, North America – 6 weeks Visa for Indians

Saint Lucia is famous for its beaches and reef-diving sites, as well as its rain forested interior with waterfalls such as at Toraille. Visit this paradisiacal beauty with on arrival visa valid for 6 weeks. You must have a return ticket or ticket for onward journey

Anytime between May and June is the best time to visit Saint Lucia, given the very pleasant temperatures. The temperatures during these months hover in the range of the 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit Celsius. Popular for its beaches, these temperatures are just right to be an indulging beach bum.

Visa fees for Saint Lucia: US$ 50

21. Senegal, Africa – No Visa for Indians till 90 Days

Senegal tourist visa is not required for citizens of India for a stay of up to 90 days.

Visit this enamoring French Colonial heritage shortly before February, when the country experiences a pleasant wet season. November to February is the wettest, so plan a trip around these months. This is when you can experience lots of flower blossoms, that are a characteristic of this country.

22. Trinidad and Tobago, South America – 90 Days Visa Validity for Indians

Trinidad has always accommodated Indians since British Raj. Visit this twin island country off the northern edge of South America with on arrival Visa for Indians valid for 90 days. Make sure your passport has blank visa pages.

January to May is considered to be the best time to visit Trinidad and Tobago owing to pleasant temperature and clear skies. However, if you want to avail some great offers and deals that are worth a steal then visit during the off season of June to December characterized by rain showers.

Visa fees for Trinidad and Tobago: US$ 20

23. Tuvalu, Oceania – One Month Visa for Indian Nationals

This Polynesian island is home to beautiful underwater world. Visit this island with visa on arrival valid for one month.

March to October is the best time to visit Tuvalu as the temperatures are pleasantly cool. The day temperature is nice and warm round 30 degrees Celsius, while evenings are way cooler. Avoid the months from November to February as there are chances of a downpour making for unpleasant experiences.

Visa fees for Tuvalu: Free for Indian citizens

24. Saint Kitts and Nevis, North America – 30 Days Visa for Indians

This two-island nation combines beaches with beauteous mountains. Enter this West Indian country which offers Indian nationals visa valid for 30 days.

Promising you with the cheapest of fares and the departure of the winter crowds, the months of May and June are the best time to visit Saint Kitts and Nevis. However, if you want a more happening scenario then the time from November to April is full of festivities. In February, there is a carnival held here, drawing several visitors.

Visa fees for Saint Kitts and Nevis: Free for Indian citizens

25. Palau, Oceania – 30 Days Visa Facility for Indian Passport

This pristine paradise can be visited easily with visa on arrival facility from India for a stay of maximum 30 days.

Indulge in water sports from December to March. Owing to these factors, everything from accommodation to airfare, tends to be on the higher side.

Visa fees for Palau: Free for Indian citizens

26. El Salvador, North America – 30 Days Visa on Arrival for Indians

From India, you can easily visit this Central American nation known for its Pacific Ocean beaches, surfing and mountainous landscape. Visa on arrival facility is available for a visit of 30 days. Owing to its reputation as a fantastic place to surf, the months of March to November are great if you are an advance surfer.

Visa fees for El Salvador: USD 10

27. Nauru, Oceania – 30 Days Visa for Indian Nationals

This potato shaped country can be accessed from India with visa on arrival facility valid for 30 days stay. But you must have visa for the next destination.

January is the best time to visit Nauru as this is one of the months that doesn’t experience heavy rainfall. If you plan to travel in the second half of the year, then October is good. Try to avoid other months as the island is prone to heavy rainfall.

Visa fees for Nauru: Free for Indian citizens

28. Djibouti, Africa – 30 Days Visa for Indians

Discover the volcanic formations and Red Sea beaches of Djibouti with Visa on arrival valid for 30 days. Please note visas on arrival are issued at the discretion of the Djibouti immigration authorities. You must also have evidence of your onward journey.

You can visit this country anytime of the year, but the months from November to January are considered to be the best. This is when the country experiences cooler temperatures owing to the onset of winters. Rest of the months are very warm so to say. One thing must be noted here however, only Indian citizens with an invitation letter from a company registered in Djibouti can obtain visa on arrival.

Visa fees for Djibouti: Free for Indian citizens

29. Guinea- Bissau, Africa – 90 Days Visa for Indian Passport Holders

Explore the natural beauty of this West African country with on arrival visa for Indian passport holders valid for 90 days.

Visa fees for Guinea: Free for Indian citizens

30. Bolivia, South America – 30 days Visa for Indian Nationals

Indian nationals can attain a thirty-day visa for Bolivia.

A beautiful city nestled amidst rugged mountains with superlative natural beauty. If you are planning a trip here, the best time to visit Bolivia is May to October. This is when the weather is at its driest characterized by the peculiar cobalt blue skies. Despite being the winter season, this season sees a major footfall of tourists. Skip visiting in June or July as they temperatures are overwhelmingly low.

Visa fees for Bolivia: Free for invited Indian citizens

31. Burundi, Africa – 30 Days Visa for Indians

Indian passport holders can avail a visa on arrival for maximum thirty days.

An amalgamation of soaring mountains relaxed lakeside communities with a conflicting past. June is the best time to visit Burundi owing to favorable climatic conditions. Otherwise, all through the year the country experiences a good amount of rainfall, interfering with exploration. Rain is experienced in the months of September to November as well as February to May. It is best to avoid these months for a smooth sojourn.

Visa fees for Burundi: US$ 90

32. Cambodia, Asia – 30 days Visa for Indian Passport Holders

Cambodia issues on arrival visa for tourism or business trip valid for 30 days. One can also apply for an e-visa before arrival for a fee of USD 36.

A Southeast Asian gem, where the phenomena of ‘time capsule’ comes alive. Ruins were never this beautiful! November to March is considered to be the best time to visit Cambodia. However, given this fact the country sees a huge footfall of visitors making most of the facilities like restaurants and accommodations an expensive affair. If you are looking for the best time to budget travel in Cambodia then the months of May to October is ideal.

Visa fees for Cambodia: US$ 30

33. Comoros, Africa – 30 Days Visa for Indian Nationals

For Comoros, an African nation a visa on arrival is available for thirty days.

Sprawling across the Indian Ocean, this hidden gem is home to the world’s best underwater treasure along with the perfect dose of serendipity. May to November is considered to the best time to visit Comoros, given the fact that this when the weather here is relatively dry, compared to the rest of the year. This is also when the temperatures are pleasantly cool. A visa on arrival is available for thirty days.

Visa fees for Comoros: Free for Indian citizens

34. Ethiopia, Africa – E-visa Valid for 30 Days

Indians can avail an e-visa valid for thirty days.

The perfect blend of culture and nature, Ethiopia in one word is Utopia! The best time to visit Ethiopia is anytime from June to October. This is when the weather is pleasantly dry, after a good spell of rain till October that leaves the region looking and feeling fresh. There is a lot of trekking and hiking that Ethiopia is famous for and this is when it is best experienced.

Visa fees for Ethiopia: US$ 20

35. Grenada, Caribbean – 3 Months Visa for Indians

Popular as a spice island, Grenada is a breath of nutmeg, cinnamon with a breathtaking backdrop of colorful colonial houses. The best time to visit Grenada is anytime between the months of January to April. This is when the party scene in the nation is well lit up. Visitors with Indian nationality can avail visa on arrival for three months. This window is perfect to plan a good trip here encompassing all popular things to do here that include watersports, hiking and partying among others.

Visa fees for Grenada: Free for Indian citizens

36. Madagascar, Africa – 90 Days Visa Validity for Indian Nationals

Discover this island, straight out of the movie, just the way it is shown! Indians can attain a visa on arrival here that comes with a validity of 90 days. The best time to visit Madagascar is anytime from mid-April to December. Avoid the months of December through March as these months experience excessive rainfall being the wettest of the year. Even cyclones are a usual thing here in the latter mentioned months.

Visa fees for Madagascar: Free for Indian citizens

37. Malawi, Africa – 30 Days Visa for Indians

An ideal first stop for your ‘African Safari’, right here! The place that is a top-notch hiking destination can be easily accessed by Indian national following an attainment of visa on arrival that comes with the validity of thirty days. If you are contemplating a visit, you must know that the best time to visit Malawi is from May to October. Any time before or after these months you may encounter extreme weather, hot and cold.

Visa fees for Malawi: Free for Indian citizens

38. Marshall Islands, Oceania – 90 Days Visa for Indians

You can easily attain a visa on arrival to Marshall Islands valid for a maximum stay of 90 days should you hold an Indian passport of six months validity. On arrival you need to produce these 2 documents: a recent police record and health clearance.

The land of flat coral islands, this is where you will find the world’s expert fishers and navigators. May to October is considered to be the best time to visit Marshall Islands. Post October the region tends to get very wet and not the best to explore.

Visa fees for Marshall Island: Free for Indian citizens

39. Mauritania, Africa – Visa on Arrival Facility for Indians

Indian citizens can avail visa on arrival at the International airport of Mauritania.

Beautifully barren, this one’s perfect for fans of minimalism. Great option for a transit to Marrakesh, Dakar or Bamako. December to March is the best time to visit Mauritania owing to gloriously pleasant temperatures. The maximum temperature hovers around 28 degrees Celsius while the lower is around 13 degrees Celsius. June onwards Mauritania starts getting very hot.

Visa fees for Mauritania: Free for Indian citizens

40. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean – 60 days E-visa for Indians

You will require an e-visa to get here, that comes with a validity of 60 days.

Pristine beaches and sparkling blue waters, with a lighthouse on a hill; not a story book but the idealistic island of SVG! There are two time frames that are considered to be the best time to visit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. One is the month of November and the other is the period between May to June. This is when travel facilities like accommodations and food are at their cheapest. However, if you prefer tourist crowds, then December to April is most crowded.

Visa fees for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Free for Indian citizens

41. Samoa, Oceania – Free Visa for 90 Days

Samoa is visa-free for 90 days (in any 180-day period).

Easily a synonym to serenity, the Samoa islands, juxtapose it wild and spirited character just rightly. Owing to a beautiful tropical climate all around the year, Samoa is delight at any given time. However, if you are too keen, then the months of November to March are considered dry and pleasant. Avoid visiting from April to October as these months are very wet.

Visa fees for Samoa: Free for Indian citizens

42. Somalia, Africa – 30 Days Visa on Arrival

Somalia limits visa on arrival for 30 days for any nationals.

Located at the Horn of Africa, and bordered by Ethiopia to the west, Somalia is an evolving country, after a troubled past. Its beautiful beaches contradict of its past happenings. June to August and January to February are considered as the best time to visit Somalia. Contrasting the otherwise extreme weather conditions, this is when the temperatures are mild and pleasant. Also, it is considerately very dry during these months.

Visa fees for Somalia: Free for Indian citizens

43. Suriname, South America – 90 Days Visa for Indians

Citizen of India are granted a tourist card or visa on arrival valid up to 90 days by Suriname.

A warm place where cool rivers converge, Suriname is effervescent! The months from February to April, as well as August to November are considered to be the best time to visit Suriname. Owing to the fact that the country experience equatorial weather, there are both extremely dry and extremely wet seasons, the time mentioned is the best time indeed. However, it is not very surprising if it rains even in the dry season.

Visa fees for Suriname: 30 Euros

44. Tanzania, Africa – 3 months Visa for Indians


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Indian citizens can obtain a visa on arrival with a validity of three months to Tanzania.

Home to the glorious Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania has wildlife, beaches, ruins, friendly people and fascinating cultures summing it up for you. Owing to the surfeit of wildlife here, along with this being the main draw of the country, the best time to visit Tanzania is late June to October. January to February too is a good time to witness the wildebeests calving.

Visa fees for Tanzania: USD 50

45. Timor-Leste, Asia – 30 Days Visa for Indians

Indian citizens can avail visa on arrival for 30 days to Timor-Leste.

Beautiful beaches, rock-strewn mountains and an unadulterated civilization, Timor-Leste is surreal. April to July is the best time to visit Timor-Leste owing to the beautiful tropical climate that brings alive the entire island. This is the time when the entire island experiences constant weather.

Visa fees for Timor-Leste: USD 30

46. Togo, West Africa – 7 Days Visa for Indians

Togo issues visa of a maximum of seven days to citizens of India. If extension is required, one can attain the same for a maximum of ninety days.

Love taking the off-beaten part! Togo will delight you with its great diversity of landscapes, from the lakes and palm-fringed beaches lacing the Savannah land!   The best time to visit Togo is November to February. Avoid other months that are characterized with torrid and extremely wet weather conditions.

Visa fees for Togo: USD 30

47. Uganda, Africa – 3 months Visa Validity for Indian Passport

Citizens of India can avail visa on arrival that comes with a validity of 3 months to Uganda.

Wild, rustic, verdant and evolving, Uganda is emerging as a country to watch out for. June to August and December to February is considered to be the best time to visit Uganda. This is when you can undertake the best of wildlife viewing. Avoid visiting the other months as they are characterized with heavy rainfall.

Visa Cost for Uganda – USD 50

48. Vanuatu, Oceania – No Visa Required for Indian Passport

Citizens of India do not require a visa to travel to Vanuatu. India is one of the 120 jurisdictions that comes under the visa exempt categories.

A blissful island minus any commercialization, Vanuatu is ecstasy! The best time to visit Vanuatu is April to October. This is when the temperatures are very comfortable and favorable to carry out all outdoor activities this place comprises of. The months from November to March experience rainfall although not as much that they could interfere with the things to do in Vanuatu.

Visa Cost for Vanuatu – Free for Indian citizens

49. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, Europe – 3 Days Visa Free for Indians

Indian visitors planning to visit the park for three days can do so without the acquiring a visa. However, anything exceeding that requires a visa. For those arriving through the Minsk National Airport, five days is the length of days one can visit this national park.

Explore this beautiful oldest wildlife refuge in Europe, that rightly comprehends its being of a UNESCO World Heritage Site!  Best time to visit the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is from the month of April to September.

Visa Cost – Free for Indian citizens

50. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkey – No Visa till 90 Days for Indians

Indian citizens can enter the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus without visa for as many as 90 days.

Accommodating several medieval castles’ ruins the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus is a huge archaeological site, exploring which is a great experience. The season of autumn is considered to be the best time to visit Northern Cyprus. The months of September and October are the best months when you can experience all the goodness this country has to offer.

Visa Cost – Free for Indian citizens

Note – All the rates mentioned above are at actual and can change anytime as per the country and visa rules.

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