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February 8, 2018
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Good news for all the birders out there! Now you have something special to look up to if you are in and around Mumbai. Head to the Flamingo Sanctuary for a wonderful day out with the beautiful migratory birds. Because now you can take a flamingo safari in Mumbai and this one is 1690 hectares of mudflats and mangroves between Vashi and Airoli (Thane Creek Mudflats).One of the lesser explored areas of Mumbai, the creek region is where these lovely birds fly in from Kutch for almost 3 months.

It is from here that the migratory birds can be seen in their natural habitat and the government has made significant efforts to turn this place into a talk of the town. Plan an outing on weekend with friends or family, the city’s Flamingo Sanctuary is worth a visit this migratory season.

Mind you, this is a special safari! Before the Mumbaikars were able to view the Flamingoes from a distance in Sewri and Uran but this safari will take you closer to these beauties, which is also confirmed by, N Vasudevan, who is the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, State Mangrove Cells told the Conde Nast Traveller.

There is a boat ride into the city’s Flamingo sanctuary, a boat ride that will be taking you Flamingo spotting through the Thane Creek Mangroves.

Take a boat and reach the mudflat from where you can actually watch the migratory flamingoes. With effect from February 1, 2018, Maharashtra’s mangroves department has introduced a 24-seater boat exclusively to take the tourists inside the mangroves which go as deep as 10 km. Additionally, there is an 8-seater speed boat that delves deeper into the mangroves from where almost all the migratory birds can be spotted from the closequarters.

The speedboat is just perfect for a family or group of friends. Earlier tourists had the option of watching these wonderful birds from Sewri mudflat and Uran, and that too only from a distance. Now, this is some exciting adventure awaiting in Vashi and Airoli mudflats.

This is India’s first Flamingo safari and specially designed for the bird lovers. 1690 hectares of the mudflats and mangroves between Airoli and Vashi creeks is the place where the tour will take you across in a small boat to visit the pink-legged, thin white beautiful Flamingoes. This place is very safe and protected for the birds. The birds originally fly from Gujarat’s Kutch for 5 months every year – Mumbai is where they migrate to.

Best time: This is the best time! Yes, February end – May beginning is the best time to visit the migratory bird in the sanctuary

Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Centre
2/Mangrove Forest, Sector 10, Diva Nagar Road
Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400708

Timings: 10 am to 6 pm

Flamingo Sanctuary entry fees: INR 50 per head for adults, INR 25 per head for kids

Boat ride charges:
INR 300 (Monday to Friday), INR 400 (Saturday & Sunday) per person
INR 5000 per speedboat for 7 people

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