The Royal Kingdom of Tigers – Ranthambore

November 4, 2017

Being my first trip to a national park, quite unaware of what its going to unfold we moved forward to our first jungle safari. A flash back from a couple of days left us all excited and shop for various gears that were required during the Jungle trip.

Our first encounter with the tiger was in Zone 3 where the young male tiger resting in the hot summer between the grass making it difficult for the visitors to have a track it. The guides who are the specialist in identifying and tracking the tigers saw it between the grass. What seemed to a documentary that we had seen over the years for different and diversified countries was very real right in front of us.

The first look at this finest creation that has been ever created was just amazing, everyone at the sight was delighted to catch a look of it. On the other hand there were deer, sambar, hundreds of variety of birds very alert for their next move to unfold in the uncertain environment. Due to time restrictions we had to move out of the zone, what delightful sight we had experienced as we bid the day good bye we were all excited for our next visit the next day.

The day started at 6 am with all the lenses charged and ready to shoot the beautiful jungle. Beautiful spotted dear, Sambar dear, Nilgai, peacock, crocodile, monitor lizard were looking fresh and ready for the day. With the spotting of last evening we headed towards the spot in anticipation of spotting the tiger. After a 30 minutes of scanning the area all we could get is the pug marks of a tigress and cubs. The pug marks gave a hope of sighting the tiger and we started following them, and suddenly we see the tigress and the cubs in just 150 meters away. That was one of the most beautiful sights and at the same time very scarring. The sight created a panic among my friends as we had not expected to see the great tigress along with the two cubs so close.

The Tiger family walked towards the mountain and disappeared from the sight, as we were moving ahead we saw the a massive male tiger T 58, sitting in the water and keeping an eye on us and his family. For a moment we were frozen and wondering what is going to happen next.

What seemed to be our next fear turned into reality and the tiger started moving towards us and the driver got ready to move away from the sight. To our surprise he turned his way away from us towards his family at the mountains. It was one of an experience that we were luck enough to experience and cherish its memories.

– Daljit Singh Kainth

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