Like Humans Like Animals

November 4, 2017

Humans across various countries, religion and preferences have many similarities which is often observed. Such similarities have everything in common with the animals, they are dominating, protective, scared, happy, needy and strong. In my first jungle trail at Ranthambore it was the first experience at ground zero where different animals and birds were observed. Every species be it big or small has thier own routine and struggle which is very similar to the humans.

On our way in search of the Tiger we waited at the water hole for sometime, such visits needs a lot of patience and alertness to have a clear understanding of nature and species. Waiting at the water hole we observed a variety of birds, deer and other animals.

In all the time we had there were lot of calling by the deer which raised the hope on glancing the much awaited tiger. But it turned out to be false calling and the only thing we could see was no tiger. Since it was summer time and all ends dried up waiting for the rain to shower and fill the jungle with much needed coolness and water. All this happening around and there came a reindeer family in search of satisfying their thirst. To my observation the sight was filled with lot of tension and there were fear of loss of live at any moment and by any dominating animal. The Reindeer family behaved like typical humans, where the male is the head of the family and starts anything and everything first. The male reindeer started to drink the water from the water hole and all the other family members standing in the circle keeping an eye on all sides to alarm any kind of danger. The process was followed by the kids and lastly the female of the family. The sight gave a feeling that everything alive have similar characteristics, and largely seen in the humans. After everyone was done they left for their territory where they feel safe and sound.

– Daljit Singh Kainth

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