Environmental Migrations – A Near Reality

November 4, 2017

What a beautiful day it is the golden rays of the Sun hitting the trees, birds, sea and making it more admirable to appreciate the creator of life. People spend hundreds and thousands of rupees to explore and enjoy such places and live every moment of it.

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Mother Earth has been surviving for over 450 billion years now and its the unthinkable ways of the nature that has left the animals and the humankind speechless in its unconditional ways of protecting the various life form. Gradually this ability of mother Earth is declining slowly and steadily not because its tired but because the life form which gave she gave birth to is testing her to fulfill its selfish motives.

One of the major issues that has been talked about the scientists worldwide is the Global Warming.This is not restricted to climatic changes, but its impact on every form of life and the statistics have a fearful and heartbreaking reality to it which is still being ignored by many worldwide. One of the major impacts of this is seen in the African and Middle East regions where water has dried up, forget about the sea, lakes or canals. Even the rain Gods are not willing to even look at such areas. The war hit areas of today has been the victims of drought for over decades even before the war started in such regions. People are forced to leave their village, land, family, emotions and migrate to other cities and even country just to survive. But the journey is not at all easy,certainly not difficult its even worse.

A bunch of African migrants when asked in Paris, how and why have they are moving to different places over the years, the only thing they could say is the Earth is dead in their villages, there is no water, there is no rain, there is no plants, lands have been turning into deserts making it even more difficult for them to survive. California one of the dream cities of the world has started facing problem in matching up with the resources that they have been using over last few decades. Researches have identified that if we talk of water alone, they have wasted more than 3 trillion gallon of water over the last few years. which is equivalent to providing water to 5 major cities of the world for 5 years. that is a huge loss.

Hundreds of people in search of new survival form never return back, because either they are dead or are imprisoned by the laws of other nations. Major crop producing regions of the world is getting dried up, the land is just not supporting to produce the same level of output. People who once earned very well are now getting into debts and its getting worse by each passing day.

Population is increasing every day and its making life even more difficult to survive. People are migrating every day not because they like to but they are forced to. The impact of climate change is going to get worse over the years, the temperatures are rising, birds and animals are getting extinct, ice is melting which is creating more plants and trees in the regions which never saw them, which in turn is creating more heat. Its time that we stop tampering with the natural available resources, plant more trees, protect animals as each and everything around us play an important role in creating an environment for us to survive.

– Daljit Singh Kainth

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